Which is Older: The Sun or Water?

Water-on-earth-is-older-than-the-sun Scientists have researched that nearly 50% of the water on Earth is older than the sun and the solar system. It is found to be created more than 4.5 billion years ago.

The theories that scientists bring forward in this connection are: water came from ice formed in the cloud of gas which formed the sun and the solar system, and the energy of star birth split apart interstellar water, and it was reprocessed within the protoplanetary disk that would form planets.

Apple Dubbed a Record by Selling Its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Devices

Apple-dubbed-a-record-by-selling-its-iPhone 6-and-iPhone-6-plusApple Inc. have sold 10 million of its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices during the first weekend in stocks, which exceeds the total number of last year. The data show that last year when the company sold its 5S and 5C models it sold nine million iPhones in the first weekend.

The sale of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus started from Friday beginning at $199. The company dubbed a record by receiving more than 4 million pre-orders of phones during the first day.

What Experts Think about iPhone 6

What Experts-think-about-iPhone 6The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are going to hit stores on Friday, but they have already been in the hands of gadget reviewers for come weeks. According to the specialists the iPhone 6 series can be the greatest shake-up of the iPhone in quite a few device generations due to its bigger screens, improved camera and faster processors.

Are you interested what the gadget gurus think of the design, size, camera, battery and verdict changes in the Apple’s flagship device?

Top Museums in The World

top-museums-in-the-worldReviews made over the last year represent top 25 museums in the world. The data released on Tuesday are somehow surprising: the Louvre, the most visited museum in the world, is rated as No. 19, behind less-known museums like Stockholm’s Vasa Museum and Instituto Ricardo Brennand in Recife, Brazil.

The Art Institute of Chicago is the top ranking on the global list. The institute is rich with a vast collection of impressionist, post-impressionist and American paintings which make a deep impression on visitors.

Mean Variance Analysis

mean-variance-analysisPortfolio theory consists of two main parts: CAPM and Mean Variance Analysis. The former provides a formula through which one can calculate the expected return on a security based on its risk level and the latter is a way of allocating assets to preserve the risk and return balance.

In order to understand the essence and purpose of this kind of analysis it follows to know what mean and variance terms stand for.

Investment Risks: Specific Types

Investment-risks:-specific-typesInvestment risk is viewed as a deviation of an expected investment returns. The probability of the deviation is what an investor is concerned about. Aside from the main types of investment risk, investors should note that there exist specific types of risk that need to be estimated properly to avoid unexpected losses have a profitable portfolio investment.

Credit Risk (Default risk)

Credit risk is mostly associated with a borrower going into default when a company or an individual is unable to pay the contractual interest. The losses that an investor can undergo include lost principal and interest, increased collection costs and decreased cash flow. Investors can also be at credit risk by using leverage.

Types of Investment Risk: Systematic and Unsystematic

types-of-investment-riskWhether it is trading or portfolio investment each person is exposed to certain extent of risk. People react it as something too negative and very often do not have enough knowledge and expertise to protect themselves from an undesirable risk.

Risk is actually referred as deviation from the expected return which indicates the possibility of losing some part or all the investment.

Best Plan for a Future Earning Business

Guest Post

Best-plan-for-a-future-earning-businessMost of us wish for a prosperous future. We all want to improve our current living conditions and lead more comfortable lives in the future. For young parents, the future also presents challenges such as college fees for children.

The future also comes with retirement for those who are formally employed. This is what drives most people to think about business. So what is the best plan for a business that can secure the future?


A good plan for a business takes into consideration the state of the market. The aim of a business is to earn, that is, to make profit. It is therefore important to consider whether there are ready consumers of the product. This includes looking at the level of competition and the viability of the business in the future.