Método GeWorko-Un Nuevo Medio de Analizar los Mercados Financieros

Nuevas Capacidades de la Plataforma NetTradeX

Método-GeWorkoLa plataforma analítica de trading NetTradeX, desarollado por un grupo de programadores de la compañía NetTradeX Corp. (www.nettradex.com),últimamente está ganando más popularidad entre los traders e inversores, que operan en los mercados financieros. Una aplicación activa de NetTradeX se observa en países como Japón, Iran, India, Indonesia, países árabes, Rusia y otros.

Esta plataforma proporciona a los clientes oportunidades amplias para el  análisis técnico, así como para el trading de varios instrumentos en mercados financieros, como: Forex, CFD, Futuros, Acciones, etc. NetTradeX puede usarse instalando en el ordenador, y también está disponible en móviles y tabletas.

Метод GeWorko – Новые Возможности Анализа Финансовых Рынков

Новые возможности платформы NetTradex

Метод-GeWorko–новые-возможности-анализаВ последнее время все большую популярность среди трейдеров и инвесторов, торгующих на финансовых рынках, завоевывает торгово-аналитический терминал NetTradeX, разработанный группой высококвалифицированных программистов компании с аналогичным названием NetTradeX Corp. (www.nettradex.com). Активное использование NetTradeX наблюдается в таких странах как Япония, Иран, Индия, Индонезия, арабские страны, Россия и др.

Данная платформа предоставляет пользователям широкие возможности как для технического анализа, так и для торговли разнообразными инструментами на финансовых рынках, такими как FOREX, CFD, Futures, Stocks и др. NetTradeX можно использовать, инсталлируя на компьютер, а также с мобильных телефонов и планшетников.

How the Swiss Franc Shocked Forex Brokers

The unexpected move of SSwiss-Franc-Shock-Forex-Brokers wiss Franc against Euro shock currency trading brokers on Friday. Yet on Thursday Euro-Franc close was 0.9755, higher than the lowest point of 0.85. On Friday the Euro rose by 1.2% to buy 0.9869 Swiss francs. Since the announcement the value of the Franc has quickly increased by nearly 22% against the Euro and about 20% versus the U.S. dollar.

This unexpected market gyrations caused grave losses to currency brokers, among which are Alpari, IBKR, FXCM, etc.

World’s Next Tall Skyscraper

A Thai property dWorld's Next Tall Skyscrapereveloper has announced plans to build a skyscraper in the Thai capital which will be higher than a bird, which will reach planes. The Super Tower which is expected to be completed in 2019 will be among the tallest buildings in the world.

he 125-floor tower will rise 615 m. It will include a luxury hotel, offices and an observation deck with panoramic views of Bangkok.

Rising Seas and the Danger Over US East Coast

Rising-seas-and-the-danger-over-US-east-coastThe Union of Concerned Scientists in its last report said that tidal flooding may worsen to such a point that some parts of cities in the US East coast will be unusable in the near future. Once during high tides floods were not a grave problem but now they are common to some places.

According to the scientific report, in 15 years the communities analyzed will experience at least 24 floods per year, which means flooding twice a month.  Moreover, 15 of these communities are expected to experience flooding at least 18 times a year, meaning four times a month.

It Is Time to Leave Earth

It Is Time to Leave EarthBecause of the rising population which competes for space and resources, some people believe that we need to look beyond the earth to safeguard humanity. As a solution to such an extremal situation experts suggest different ideas.

Life on Mars

Experts offer to set up home on Mars creating an artificial “biosphere” with all the required conditions for human life.

Which is Older: The Sun or Water?

Water-on-earth-is-older-than-the-sun Scientists have researched that nearly 50% of the water on Earth is older than the sun and the solar system. It is found to be created more than 4.5 billion years ago.

The theories that scientists bring forward in this connection are: water came from ice formed in the cloud of gas which formed the sun and the solar system, and the energy of star birth split apart interstellar water, and it was reprocessed within the protoplanetary disk that would form planets.

Apple Dubbed a Record by Selling Its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Devices

Apple-dubbed-a-record-by-selling-its-iPhone 6-and-iPhone-6-plusApple Inc. have sold 10 million of its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices during the first weekend in stocks, which exceeds the total number of last year. The data show that last year when the company sold its 5S and 5C models it sold nine million iPhones in the first weekend.

The sale of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus started from Friday beginning at $199. The company dubbed a record by receiving more than 4 million pre-orders of phones during the first day.