Unusual Tips for Saving Money

unusual-tips-for-saving-moneyManaging personal finance is a kind of the art. Sometimes even those with a comparatively big salary find it difficult to follow where their money go and why they have spent too much again this month.

In fact, one can save money almost on everything without harm to the quality of life. All that is usually advised to make the first step to the wealth is to cut down on unnecessary expenses. Yet there are some unusual things that can have a positive impact on your wallet:

1. Watch less TV or don’t watch it at all. It has a lot of hidden benefits. At first, you get isolated form the annoying ads and thus spend less. At second, you have smaller bills for electricity. And at third, you’ll get more spare time and can spend it productively or doing something interesting. Just don’t surf the web instead.

2. Make the handmade gifts. Instead of buying a useless souvenir make something with your own hands. It can be a greeting card, cookies, soap and many other things. Giving something like this, you show your personal attitude to the person spending minimum money on gift!
3. Don’t spend big money entertaining your kids. Yes, the children always want an expensive toy or to go out somewhere. But in fact what they need most is your time. So, you’d better spend more time with your kids instead of buying a toy and paying this way for the lack of time for your child.

4. Drink more water. It may sound strange how consuming more water can influence on reducing your bills, but in addition to health benefits there are financial cons, too. When your body is hydrated, you don’t overeat and thus save money on food. And what is more, you unlikely will buy fizzy drinks because you don’t feel thirsty all the time.

5. Swap books and DVDs instead of buying new ones. You probably have loads of stuff you don’t need any longer, so why not to change it on something you want? In addition to new books, you’ll probably get new friends, too.

6. Don’t spend the money to get entertained after the stressful day. When you had a bad day, there’s a big temptation to go to the nearest store and buy something just for fun. Avoid this, instead think about free ways to relax, such as meeting with your family, listening to favorite music or meditating.

7. Don’t buy the cheapest home appliances. The main mistake of everyone who is trying to save money is that they save on everything. But it’s not the best technique. The reason is in buying quality and reliable things instead of the cheapest ones. You may pay more, but if the thing will serve you for years, it’s better that buy the cheap stuff that will be broken very soon.

8. Invite friends to your place instead of going out. People are likely to spend on entertainment even more money than they do on purchase. That’s why it’s better to invite friends at home. You will have a great time together and your wallet won’t suffer.

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